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Welcome To Automotor

Welcome to Automotor, at Automotor we only offer high quality vehicles for sale. Before we offer any car for sale, our mechanic will perform a 172-points car inspection to ensure the car has never involved in any accident and make sure the car in great condition, at the same time we provide clean CARFAX to all of our vehicles. In order to give our customers more confidence to buy car from us, we have 7 days pay-back guaranty applied to all of our cars: After the customer purchased car from us, in 7 days, as long as the mileage haven't add more than 200 miles on the odometer, whether there any problem with the car or just simply it is not your style, you can return the car without any charge, no hiding fees at all, we will give you full refund*! 

欢迎来到Automotor!在Automotor出售的每一辆车都会有干净的CARFAX记录,在此之上,每一辆车都会经过我们专业技师的172点检测以确保车辆从来没有经历过车祸。我们Automotor在此承诺,我们绝对不会出售任何有事故记录或者车辆结构受到过损坏的车。为了打造更舒适的购车环境,所有在Automotor购买的车辆,只要在7天内行驶距离不超过200英里,不管是购车人不喜欢车子颜色,还是对车辆性能不满意,均可以无理由退款或者换车,其中没有任何隐藏费用*。在Automotor,不仅仅买到的是价格合理,品质有保障的车,而且还能体会到为每一位顾客量身打造的购车体验。有任何关于车辆的问题,欢迎致电Automotor屏幕下方的电话 (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ


*7 days pay-back: the car that returned must have not involved in any car accident and violation after purchase. 


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